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Tramadol Suicide

Tramadol Suicide – Wayne’s Movie Blog: Kansas City

May 29, 2004. Kansas City. Watching my Royals win in person was really
special tonight. And they won in such dramatic fashion. The

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Centerfield: The Balance Sheet

Centerfield. A Weblog of Centrist Voices in American Politics. – Tramadol Suicide

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10 questions i usually get when asked about chronic pain


10 questions I usually get when asked about chronic pain

Posted by
admin 5 May, 2010

I know that we’re not evil and want other people suffer, but you have to admit that you probably wondered about it once. Illness doesn’t choose, it strikes randomly no matter if you’re good or bad, rich or poor. You can be sure that it isn’t any kind of divine judgment.
It is a hard one. There is probably no good answer besides, you’ll just have to somehow. There is no other choice for you. You won’t be able to quit it like it was some job. You have to keep going and hope for a change for the better. See what you can do about improving you situation and try getting the best of what you have now.
It is best to say they have no idea as to what it is really. Being in pain at all times is so much worse than any kind of pain they might ever felt. The just can’t know, I don’t blame them and surely I don’t want them to feel such kind of pain. In many cases you become a burden to the family, they would like to carry on with their pain-free, happy lives, but there’s a problem, you. Of course in most cases you created the bad atmosphere not even knowing. Family members and friends can only have so much compassion and patience. If you were in their place, you’d probably be irritated with yourself nagging them all the time as well. You have to remember that they do love you, and that’s why you can bomb them with bad mood all the time or it will become bad. Many family members probably don’t know how much hard time you had with your problem. You had to visit countless doctors, and still suffer from pain. When people hear about you being ill, hope that after time you’ll get better, but when that isn’t happening, they become tired with your condition. You are limited in many things, you get tired really easily, this means that no more sports, at least not, as it used to be. They are also afraid that they might get the same disease as you.
If you’re suffering from a chronic disease, you probably have visited a lot of different doctors already. If the previous doctor did not tell you anything you did not know before, don’t be discouraged. Try again, visit someone else, seek the best doctors there are. Some doctors are more competent than the others, you have to keep looking until you find a competent one. Finding someone who is specialized and knows how to help you may take some time, but it is certainly worth it. If the doctor you visit now doesn’t help you, visit someone else. Maybe the new one will have a better opinion, notice something the others did not.
I can say that there is probably no one who did no experience a really hard time. I had to live with my condition for 23 years already so it is almost a given that I had to have a worse time. Over time I learned that even if the situation is really bad, you can’t just sit around and cry. You have to do something to make the situation improve, just wishing for it to get better won’t help. In the process of learning all of that, I made many mistakes. I lost many friends, gave my husband hard times but the „true friends” stayed by my side. My husband and daughter also stay with me, they didn’t leave me be when I needed them the most, I could count on them.
No, you can’t.
It might be hard to become optimistic, but it is surely possible. You can find your optimism by seeking competent doctors. I mean, the ones that will actually help you. Tell me, won’t you be even a bit optimistic if you finally get some treatment that works. In my case, physical therapy helped a lot. I try to do it every day even if there seems to be no energy left in me. I take as little medications as I can and avoid people who could ruin my mood.
Yes they are, you have to keep track of things. Let’s say you have half-cup of sugar, with that amount, there is no point in trying to bake a cake that uses 2 cups. You have a lot less energy than you used to have, so you can’t do all the things you used to. You must learn to do the most important things first and if you have any energy left do the next thing on the list.
Diets and learning about things you should and should not eat is a really big subject. Over time you get to know what foods are bad for you and what are good. If you’re taking NSAID’s you have to keep your stomach full or just take those medications with food. You have to look for organic foods, they don’t have all those pesticides and chemicals that are bad to your body, especially since it is already compromised. You have to plan your diet. Don’t just recklessly eat what is closest to you at the moment. Vegetables are good, eat the whole variety of colors. Fish, lean meat, poultry are all good as well and can exchange beef in your diet. You should avoid frying your foods. If you need to, use olive oil. As for cooking vegetables, use the microwave or steam cook them. That way they contain all the good vitamins, while boiling them will wash out all the good stuff. There are tons of advice on diets. You just have to read it. It is extra fun when trying to cook a new dish.
Spirituality is important, it helps you go through the tough moments of your life. You can find peace and comfort in a life filled with pain. It can be a church or a religion that will help you achieve that. It might be nature, sheer wilderness where they will find peace of mind. While other people will find the same thing when embraced by a loving family. In my case, I feel peace of mind when I pray and when I have time to myself. I might read some elating journals or books. Watching the news, knowing what is going on in the world can help sometimes as well, but it’s too much for me. Emotions are really important as well. Joy, laughter, happiness, are all vital. Being sad, angry should be avoided, and avoid situations or meeting people who could cause negative emotions in you. Be sure to take care of yourself physically and spiritually. If you’re not in shape, you won’t be able to give anything good from yourself to others.

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Life with Chronic Pain Blog
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Kuwait fund pumps another $5 million into egal international airport upgrade project

This Proves We Have Earned the Confidence of our Kuwaiti Donor -Aviation Minister

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland minister of aviation and air transport Hon Mahmud Abdi Hashi has of last night signed a new agreement with the Kuwait Government estimated to be $5m at a function held in Kuwait city the capital of Kuwait.

The signing of the new agreement by Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi pumps additional $5 Million to the project previous 0 Million which will be utilized for the construction of the remaining 1km of runway, installation of lighting system for night landings as well a security perimeter fence and aircraft hangars at the Egal international airport.

The Kuwaiti Fund expressed the main donors of the Egal airport upgrade expressed their satisfaction with works during a public meeting held at the civil service institute last week in what many termed as a rare happening in the country after for the first time members of the public were given a chance to ask government officials among them minister of Aviation question about the project.

Dr. Nabeel Abdurrahman said the contract was awarded to company in accordance with standard contract terms; the payment for the project was conditional to be released upon completion of each phase. Kuwait government being, the financer of the project had nominated a third party from their end to certify the completion of each phase, so that, the payment for that phase be released to the concerned contractor.

That was what exactly happened in the case of the contractor of the project and the payments of all stages of the project were released subsequent to the financer receives the certification of their nominated their third certifier.

Another notable contract US $ 800,000 was awarded to Dareel a local construction firm following successful bidding to refurbish, renovate and build extra facilities necessary for the terminal. The same includes enlarged modernizing arrival and departure lounges, as well installing five new wind turbines wind data monitoring station will also assist in powering the airport.
Modern Buildings and other facilities

Modern Buildings and other facilities

The current extended terminal was constructed by Chino Huno Group and now extends 7,875 feet in length and has five wind turbines provide power and we also plan to add another 13 KM of runway in the future which will be funded by the government of Somaliland in the near future.

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Microsoft launches official pre-e3 hype machine

In a year where Nintendo is revealing a new console, I find it hard to get pumped for the other two significant press conferences taking place at E3. Some new games will be there, maybe some familiar celebrity faces, but nothing nearly as satisfying as the reveal the brand new hardware that will become the center of gaming in only a matter of time. Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and get the hype going (Sony, this is a hint).

Various reporters in the industry today received their official invitation to Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference, not only bringing what I can only assume is an unrivaled joy, but also a handful of helpful indicators at what one might see on June 6th.

The image goes for a few blatant draws, not even trying to mask the presence of certain top prospects headed to the show this year. Portal 2 will be involved in some vain, the new Lara Croft game is sure to turn heads, Batman Arkham City will get another chance to astonish, Star Wars will scroll into our hearts, Marcus Fenix will remind you of his massive neck muscles, and yes, Halo might make an appearance.

More interesting are the subtle picture cues aligning the top portion of the invitation. A lightning bolt? Just because I love making tremendous stretches hinting towards awful sequels, could this be an allusion to Zeus and a hint at the next Too Human? One can only hope the answer is no. As for the rest, including nunchuks, a sideways plane, a car, and even an axe are all up to your speculation.

On a side note, what kind of cheap, Master Sword knock-off is that over there in the corner?





Spartan europe – usa full listing


From our office in Philadelphia
we are able to source those obsolete or hard to find parts. We have strong
relationships with all of the major manufacturers including:

AMD MHS Electronic
AMP Microchip Technology
Analog Devices Micron Technology
Atmel Mitel Semiconductor
AVX Mitsubishi Semiconductors
Bendix Molex
BI Technologies Mosel-Vitelic
Bourns Mostek
Brooktree Motorola
Bussman Mullard
Centralab National Semiconductor
Chips & Technologies NCR
Comair Rotron New Era
Cypress Semiconductor NMB Semiconductors
Dale OKI Semiconductor
Dallas Semiconductor Panasonic
Dialight Performance Semiconductor
Eaton Cutler Hammer Philips Semiconductors
Exar Potter & Brumfield
Excel RCA
Fairchild Rockwell
Fujitsu Samsung Semiconductor
General Electric SEEQ
Hitachi Seiko
Hughes Microelectronics Sharp Electronics
Hyundai Siemens
IDT Sierra Semiconductor
Inmos Signetics
Intel Siliconix
Intersil SMC
ITT Cannon Sony
ITT Semiconductors Sprague
Kemet ST Microelectronics
Kingbright TelCom Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Texas Instruments
L G Semicon Thomson Components
Linear Technology Toshiba
Linfinity Microelectronics
Littelfuse Western Digital
Logic Devices Xicor Inc
Lucent Technologies Zilog
Maxim Zram

Enquiries can be place either through
Spartan Europe or directly with our USA office by using the email address

[email protected]


Somatic optics – men’s and women’s sunglasses and goggles.



Purchase these Sunglasses

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Rent these Sunglasses

Somatic Sunglasses Rental Program

Somatic Sunglasses Rental Insurance
A 2.00 fee is required at the time of agreement. This fee covers your liability if the Somatic Sunglasses are lost, stolen, not returned or damaged in any way for the rental period. The rental period is one year.

If you decide to purchase your Somatic Sunglasses at any time during the year the 2.00 fee goes toward their purchase price.

Rental Fee
A years’ rental for any one pair of Somatic Sunglasses is $28.00. This fee also applies to the purchase price should you decide to keep your Somatic Sunglasses.

Rental Return
Somatic Sunglasses are to be returned within one year of the rental date. The Sunglasses are to be returned clean and in good condition.

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Providing you with the definitive guide to everything that matters in the event and music promotion industries.

Live Nation Entertainment…is it quite the disaster we thought?

By Juliette Keyte @ 5:32 pm

Global Warming

The music industry has been blamed for many catastrophes in recent years, perhaps most notably Miley Cyrus, but not many will blame it for the current ecological crisis. In fact, I can’t remember Al Gore mentioning Live Aid in the list of dangers to polar bears, and I don’t believe Brown, Obama, and co recently reconvened in Copenhagen to discuss reducing the carbon emissions of 50 Cent’s entourage.

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About | so many mistakes

At this point you’re probably thinking what in the world have I clicked on, was it a mistake perhaps. Perhaps, but a mist@ke with a purpose.

So what’s a Mist@ke?

mis·take, [mi-steyk], mist@ke

1.  an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

2.  a misunderstanding or misconception.

Ok, now that I’ve clarified something you already knew, here’s something you didn’t.

What’s this site about?

Deep breath….This site is about everything and nothing, about something that happens to us all on a daily basis and yet on a trivial level goes mostly unnoticed, it’s about the tiniest mishap verging on the greatest disappointment, it’s about what’s shaped history since the beginning of time and is “quoted” as deemed to repeat itself,  I give you the….. “Mist@ke!”

Think about it, what’s the one thing that’s accompanied you since the day you breathed your first breath of air?  What single thing has played the greatest role in shaping you into the person you are today?  Now you may come up with a completely different answer than what I’m steering you towards and that’s ok because you’re about to prove a point.

Admitting that we make errors goes against human nature.

Taking responsibility for our actions is not an enate trait.  Humans were enginerred to survive and in order to sustain ourselves/egos, we’ve been subconsciously taught to supress our failures, our Mist@kes.

However…..I am issuing a wake up call!

It’s time to admit our [email protected]!  It’s time to celebrate our failures!  It is time to acknowledge they we as human beings are not perfect, that we do in fact make [email protected] and that not only are we not ashamed of them, but rather that we are proud of them.  Not necessarily out of their nature, but out of their lessons no matter how great or how small.  These lessons, that have become the fabric of people, society and the world as we carry ourselves into a future of betterment and enlightenment.

Top 3 muscle building strategies for men


Start reading food labels! Nutrition is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of muscle building for men. You spend a limited amount of time in the gym and the rest of your time letting your muscles relax, and ensuring you’re on the proper diet will ensure that that happens. Remember, nutrition is NOT only important when you want to lose fat! It’s also incredibly necessary for building muscle, too.

Spend a few days eating normally, and keep track of the calories that you’re eating. After your trial period, add 500 calories to that number and start eating that every day. You should also be eating about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. Again, MAKE SURE you are getting the proper protein intake! This is one of the most important nutrients you should be taking in when trying to build muscle.


More is not always better. Instead of doing 500 sets of 600 reps of 700 pounds, start cutting down. Also, don’t work out every day if you are just starting out. Try working out every three days, and do these basic exercises: squat, bench, deadlift, rows and press. You want to make sure that your technique is correct, as doing one of these workouts wrong could get you hurt. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube and other sites that will show you the proper form.

Start your first week on Monday, do your “A” day- squat, deadlift, bench. On Wednesday, do your “B” day- squat, press, rows. On Friday, do “A” again, then on the following Monday, do “B”. Start with whatever weight is comfortable, and then add 5lbs to your workout on each day. Work on abs after these main exercises, doing pull-ups while holding your legs straight in front of you.


It is essential that your body gets proper rest, so get a full night’s sleep every night. Every person is different, so a full night’s sleep may not be the same for you as it is for your buddy. To calculate how much sleep you need, go to bed a half hour earlier each night until you find yourself consistently waking up before your alarm.

Once you find the perfect amount of hours that you need, stick to that sleep schedule. This aspect of muscle building for men is even more overlooked than eating properly, so if you remember how important rest is, you’ll be one step closer to the body that you really want.


So, to recap, you’re doing the proper workout, eating the proper food, and getting the proper amount of rest each night. If you follow these excellent muscle building for men tips, you should find yourself gaining muscle mass in no time, impressing your wife, girlfriend, or girlfriend-to-be. Just remember to eat lots of protein, don’t work out too hard, and get a full night’s sleep each night. Most of all, though, have fun!