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    Social media and risk management compliance blog » 2010 » february

    Archive for February, 2010

    How To Address Social Media Risks

    21st February
    written by luppens

    Ok so now you know that every company is guilty by association when it comes to social media.  You have accepted that your company is exposed to some sort of risk.  So now, what do you do to start addressing that risk?  There are a lot of boiler plate policies and procedures out there, but every company is it’s own customized entity.  To begin, you need to determine to what extent your company is participating in social media, both internally and externally and your key risk factors.  Some thoughts on typical key risk factors are reputation, financial, liability etc.  External participation is probably the easiest to see and evaluate and may give you the biggest bang for your buck so to say because your external information is hopefully comprised of both employee correspondence and external evaluations such as financial analysts, newspapers, and customers.  I say hopefully, because if you are not finding employee correspondence, then either you aren’t looking hard enough or your employee demographics may not be prone to communications via social media and this could be a problem in itself.

    Here are some easy steps to see what your external participation is

    Google your Company
    Google your industry
    Set up key word searches on Google on all sorts of media
    Set up key word searches in Twitter
    Go to sites like Yahoo Finance and read through the blog posts

    Log as much information as you can over a period of time.  A good time do this if you are publically traded might be a quarter or year end, or a recent release of new products as well as time that there is a minimal amount of activity happening.

    Categorize the information you are seeing into employee correspondence (financial, personal, liability, reputation) external evaluations using the same categories you used for your internal.  Each of your categories need to be evaluated on a risk basis of likelihood and impact.  Likelihood is to be defined as the probability that the event will occur and impact is the amount it would impact your risks financially, professionally, and the speed of onset.  As these increase so does your risk.

    Ok, now that your eyes have glazed over with confusion, I will let you consider what I have written to absorb it all.  We’ll talk about internal social media analysis strategy soon, but I think we are off to a great start!

    Tags: social media risksInternal Auditing, Internal Risk Management, Social Media Policy, Uncategorized

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    The importance of trusting your stylist

    Posted by admin on March 7, 2014 in Fashion, Internet | 0 comments

    Beauty salons play an important role in the life of a woman. We are expected to always look fresh and take care of our beauty, so regular visits to the salon are crucial. Women would rather postpone their appointments to the doctor than miss out an appointment to their favorite hairstylist especially since it took them forever to find that free spot. Another reason why we love going to beauty salons besides the fact that we get out of there more beautiful and feeling more confident in ourselves is the fact that we are pampered and respected. Going to the same beauty salon for years is not something uncommon as the staff there becomes like a family and you always get to relax around them. It is important for a woman to trust her hairstylist or beauty consultant responsible with her look. Therefore, you should find a reputable beauty salon and stick with it for as long as are satisfied with its services. If you live in Charlotte, there are many options and alternatives you can choose from when it comes to renowned beauty salons. Charlotte beauty salons are renowned for their customer oriented policies and ability to preserve a constant number of loyal customers. Stylists are supposed to be friendly and open in order to make you feel at ease and speak your mind all the time. Only through a successful communication can a stylist understand you and your taste and come up with a look that suits you and your personality best.

    Without trusting your hairstylist completely you will never be able to wear that new hairstyle proudly or you will never have the courage to change your hairstyle so often. Stylists can work miracles and get you rid of your complexes, but you need to trust their skills first. If a hairstylist you just met that day suggests a dramatic change, you will most likely refuse the offer, no matter how renowned the stylist. You need time to make sure the Charlotte salon services you chose are indeed worthy of your trust. It is essential for a stylist to build relationships based on trust with their clients for his advices to get through. Being friendly is part of the job, but only true professionals will be able to make you feel completely at ease. Of course, you also need to see for yourself that your stylist has the skills to create beautiful looks, not only a great persuasive power in order to convince you to fully trust him with your hair.

    If you want to find a beauty salon that has a friendly atmosphere and a hairstylist that will awe you with his skills, you should try searching online. There are many reviews and testimonials on the Internet you can use to find yourself the ideal salon preferably situated somewhere near you. You can also find the official websites of some beauty salons in Charlotte like and find out more information about the services they provide and the rates they charge.


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    How we can guarantee to attract hundreds of local business operators to the Expo?

    A feature of the Goulburn Valley Business Expo is the program of FREE business briefing sessions.

    20 FREE sessions, presented by experts in their fields, on the topics that local business operators want to know more about. That’s 20 hours of free professional development for local business operators and their staff.

    If we build it will they come?

    We heavily promote the Expo on local radio and in print, so that local businesses know that the event is on, when and where it is on and that it is FREE.

    To support our advertising, we also conduct a heap of direct-marketing, primarily via email, as do the many sponsors of the event.

    And we make it quick and easy for delegates to register, simply by visiting this web-site, reading through the Expo program (which be on this web-site from September) and registering FREE online. We even send them a reminder a few days prior to the event.

    So – quality content, heavily promoted and easy to access – all available in one place, at one time, locally.

    How can we guarantee to deliver them to your site?

    Been to an IKEA store? You know how they have one long meandering “snake” corridor from the front door to the cash registers? We have designed the show the same way – to ensure that each and every delegate must pass each and every exhibitor to get to the Business Briefing Rooms at the end of the “snake” . Plus, we don’t have an Exit – all delegates need to go back through the show. And that means that there isn’t a “bad” site in the show. Every exhibitor has equal “traffic”.

    Once we have brought the delegates to you, it us up to you how to attract their attention and generate new leads for your business (though, even then, we provide you with some handy hints and tips on how to do this!)

    What will your site be like?

    Your site will be 3m X 2m with two (corner sites) or three grey velcrose receptive walls. We do have a handful of slightly smaller and larger sites. Just let us know the size you would prefer.

    Your site comes complete with power, lights and ADSL internet access.

    Do we provide furniture?

    No. Many of our exhibitors have different requirements when it comes to “dressing” their sites: some want high impact visual branding, others are after a more intimate “meeting place”. We use to provide a table and chair to Exhibitors, but discovered that a table and chair was often inadequate for your needs – and many of our sites looked the same!

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    What extras do we provide?

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    You will also be listed in the printed Expo Guide that is given to every delegate.

    We ask you to provide a description of your business and what delegates will learn by visiting your site (and your description can include your URL so that your web-site is linked from the Expo Web-Site).

    You will also be invited to our exclusive networking function.
    And you will be invited to attend our Exhibitors’ Information Session some 3 weeks prior to the event. At this session you will meet with your fellow exhibitors, go through some housekeeping issues – such as security, bump-in and bump-out schedules, catering, etc.

    Most importantly, at this session, we will provide you with some handy hints and tips on how to present your business, how to generate leads and what to do with those leads after the Expo.

    Do you get to select your site placement?

    No. We take into account any special request that you have with regard to corner positions or requirement for placement of large display material or equipment. We then “set the show” to ensure the best possible flow of products and services and to make sure that we don’t have direct competitors next to each other.

    Who else will be exhibiting at the Expo?

    Anyone who provides a product or service to the local business community: from accountants and consultants, to web-developers, graphic designers, office furniture suppliers, car dealers – Just imagine what products and services you use in your own business……Your suppliers and clients will be the kind of businesses who will be exhibiting.

    Who is likely to attend the Expo?

    The business decision makers of local small to medium size businesses. As a business-to-business event, we will not attract the sheer numbers of people who attend weekend car/travel/boat shows – But we will also not have any wastage: the business operators who choose to take time away from their business because they recognise that they need access to your products and services, are serious about growing their business, attending the free business briefing sessions and meeting you.

    How much is your site?

    $450 (including gst)

    Want to book a site?

    Just download the Site Application Form here

    Any questions?

    Just email us