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Welcome to our new web site! Explore the site for up to the date health information, the latest news on natural products and accurate health tools to assess your lifestyle. Check back often to discover our store specials, events and coupons.

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Honey has natural antibacterial and healing properties that have been used for centuries.

A life of type 1 diabetes has not stopped this young man from bicylcle racing and owning his own professional team.
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25% off weleda pomegranate body care products
all weleda products are organic and biodynamicaly grown.
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Liver detox
The liver is your largest internal organ, responsible for over 500 different chemical functions. To cleanse your liver, try consuming artichoke, milk thistle, or dandelion root. Add some high-quality dietary fiber and B vitamins to your daily diet to further assist your liver to eliminate toxins.

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Quinoa Tofu Salad
The toasted sesame oil makes this salad irresistable.
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Depression Clinic » Volcano Vaporizer

A ” is a device used to release the active ingredients of plant material such as herbs and tobacco. Vaporizing is a safer, healthier alternative to smoking. The volcano vaporizer is the newest development in the area of vaporizer technology. It’s the only vaporizer around that enables you to have the most freedom of movement while “smoking”. It is built incredibly well, it takes around 5 minutes to heat up and is incredible easy to use. Its patented “balloons” makes this unmatched freedom possible  totally detached from the vaporizer itself you can enjoy your herbs or favourite smoking blend.

The ” uses conducted hot air which encircle the herb, releasing the active ingredients while keeping the harmful substances from burning. The volcano is a very well engineered product. When the herb is vaporized, the vapor is conveyed through a distinctive valve and into balloon, no its not a normal party type balloon. After the balloon is full, it can be separated from the vaporizer base and can be inhaled when your ready. The Volcano technology circulates air enriched with flavors and dynamic ingredients into a balloon through a valve, until the balloon is filled. The contents of the balloon can then be safely and restful inhaled at simple, independently from the vaporization process.

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Welcome to the official BM Pharmacy

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Generic Advair Diskus

Generic Advair Diskus is used for long-term treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in certain patients.

ВЈ94.38Per item

Generic Ilosone

Generic Ilosone is used to treat many kinds of infections and to prevent ”strep” infections in patients with a history of rheumatic heart disease who may be allergic to penicillin.

ВЈ0.57Per pill

Generic Myambutol

Generic Myambutol is used for treating tuberculosis infections of the lung along with other medicines.

ВЈ0.64Per pill

Generic Seromycin

Generic Seromycin is used for treating tuberculosis in the lungs and other places in the body (including the kidneys) when treatment with other medicines has not been effective. This medicine should be used in combination with other medicines.

ВЈ4.26Per pill

Generic Trecator-sc

Generic Trtecator-SC is an antibiotic. It prevents the growth of bacteria in your body. It is used to treat tuberculosis (TB).

ВЈ1.31Per pill

Generic Ventolin

Generic Ventolin is used for treating or preventing breathing problems in patients who have asthma or certain other airway diseases. It may be used to prevent breathing problems caused by exercise.

ВЈ0.46Per pill

Generic Volmax Cr

Generic Volmax CR is used to treat bronchospasm (wheezing, shortness of breath) associated with reversible obstructive airway disease such as asthma.

ВЈ0.45Per pill

Energy and Endurance – Pre Workout

Energy and Endurance – Pre Workout | Prime Health and Nutrition



  • Mesomorph Tropical Punch 388 g
  • Mesomorph Grape 388 g


  • 1.M.R Blue Raspberry 224 g
  • 1.M.R Lemon Lime 224 g
  • 1.M.R Fruit Punch 224 g


  • NO Xplode NT Blue Raspberry 30 Pak
  • NO Xplode NT Fruit 30 Pak
  • NO Xplode Caffeine Free Fruit Punch 410 gram
  • Volumaize Berry 20 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Lemon Lime 50 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Blue Raspberry 50 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Grape 50 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Orange 50 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Lemonade 50 Serv.
  • NO Xplode Fruit Punch 50 Serv.


  • Fast Twitch Grape 2 lb.
  • Fast Twitch Punch 2 lb.


  • Super Pump MAX Pink Lemonade 40 serv
  • Super Pump MAX Fruit Punch 40 serv
  • Super Pump MAX Mini Orange 10 Serv.
  • Super Pump 250 Lemon 1.76 lbs
  • Super Pump 250 Grape 1.76 lbs.
  • Super Pump 250 Orange 1.76 lbs.
  • Super Pump MAX Mini Grape 10 Serv.
  • Super Pump MAX Mini Fruit Punch 10 Serv.
  • Super Pump 250 Blue Raspberry 1.76 lbs.


  • Dark Rage Fruit pun 1.91 lb.
  • Dark Rage Grape 1.91 lb.


  • Black Powder Orange 20 Pk
  • Black Powder Fruit Exp. 20 Pk
  • Black Powder Blue Raspberry 20 Pk

Muscle Sport Int’l.

  • MASS Pre-workout Revolution Raspberry Lemonade 525 Grams
  • Lean Pre-workout Revolution Cherry Lemon Ice 450 grams


  • NaNo Vapor Orange Haze 2.4 lbs
  • NaNo Vapor Blue Raspberry 2.0 lb
  • NaNo Vapor Grape 2.2 lb
  • NaNo Vapor Orange 2.2lb
  • NaNo Vapor Blue Raspberry 2.2 lb


  • HyperShock Orange 2.64lb
  • HyperShock Berry 2.64lb


    • Fight Factor Fruit Punch 315 Gram


  • Hemo-Rage Ultra Berry 10.37oz
  • Hemo-Rage Ultra Melon 9.35oz
  • Hemo-Rage Ultra Punch 10.37oz


  • Launch Orange Tang 9.6 oz.

Reaction Nutrition

  • Ezekiel 214 Grams


  • Dark Energy Orange 250 Gram
  • Dark Energy Fruit Punch 250 Gram
  • Dark Energy Grape 250 Gram
  • Dark Energy Radical Raspberry 250 Grams


  • Dilation Lemonade 225 g
  • Bulk XL Blue Raspberry 2760 g

USP Labs

  • JACK3D Raspberry Lemonade 250 g
  • JACK3D Grape 250 Gram
  • JACK3D Fruit Punch 250 Gram
  • JACK3D Lemon Lime 250 Gram


  • Anarchy Grape Bubblegum 7.2 oz
  • Anarchy Fruit Punch 7.5 oz
  • N.O. Shotgun Watermelon 588 gram
  • N.O. Shotgun Exotic Fruit 588 gram
  • N.O. Shotgun Lime 588 gram
  • N.O. Shotgun Grape 588 gram

MUSIC Resource Center

“Reuters – Country-pop starlet Taylor Swift’s record label was forced to release the first single from her upcoming album 12 days ahead of schedule on Wednesday, hours after a bootleg version appeared online.

Reuters – After storming through Europe on the Big Four tour with fellow thrashers Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax, the members of Slayer are ready to do it again.

Reuters – Soul singer Aretha Franklin hopes to make a quick and full recovery after falling at her home earlier this week and breaking her ribs, forcing her to cancel two concerts.

AP – Between each act at the Newport Jazz Festival, as the audience cheers and crews clear the equipment, Bill Calhoun darts onstage with a fistful of tools and parks at the piano.

AP – An Emmy Award-winning filmmaker has collaborated with Bruce Springsteen on a new documentary that chronicles the recording of the Boss’ 1978 album.

“Reuters – More than 250,000 music fans will gather on the shores of Lake Michigan this weekend for an expanded three-day Lollapalooza music festival, which hopes to buck a dismal summer concert season of cuts and cancellations.

Reuters – Kanye West is “painting” a new picture on MTV on Thursday, debuting a video he hopes will offer fans a better image of himself than the one he made at the network’s award show last year when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

“Reuters – Rock band Avenged Sevenfold scored its first No. 1 album on the U.S. pop chart on Wednesday, ending the five-week reign of Eminem.

AP – The Kings of Leon are releasing their much-anticipated follow up to “Only By The Night” on Oct. 19.



Archive for the ‘Depression’ Category

Depressive disease is a medical disease that affects feelings, thoughts, behaviour, physical health, interpersonal relationship, job performance, sex life and other behaviour patterns of the affected person day after day. Depressive disease is not just “feeling of hopelessness”. It is more than being sad or feeling grieved about a loss.
Depressive disease is universal and has […]

Depression results from an imbalance in the chemical messengers in the brain which the nerve cells use to communicate with each other. Depression is associated with low levels of two of teh chemical messengers, serotonin and noradrenalin.
For some people, low mood is a response to shortening day length. In seasonal affective disorder, depression starts in […]

Suicide is a latin word ‘Sui’ means self and ‘cide’ means to kill. The term suicide is used to describe any deliberate act of self-harm which results in death. By contrast attempted suicide includes any deliberate act of self-harm which does not result in death.
Attempted suicide includes two categories of act (a) deliberate self-poisoning (or […]




asked questions

Why do screening tests?
“Your Health Matters”
was envisioned by sonographers who were frustrated with a
health care system that does a wonderful job of helping people after they are
ill but has a long way to go in providing preventive care.

Why can’t these screening tests be done in my doctor’s office?

Most doctor’s don’t have either the sophisticated ultrasound equipment or the
qualified people to perform the testing. In the future, “Your Health Matters”is
preparing to arrange for both our equipment and trained sonographers (highly
trained ultrasound operators) to offer our services directly at the physician’s

Are these screening tests
covered by my health insurance?

In most cases, no. This is because insurance companies are very strict about
guidelines for when a doctor can order a test. Our health care system is set up
in many cases to only provide testing after someone has significant
symptoms. Our health care system is very good at helping people once they are
diagnosed with disease. Many people with significant risk factors for vascular
and heart disease have no symptoms until they have a stroke, heart
problem or major blood vessel blockage.

This is why ultrasound screening is an attractive offer for many people, who
want to be preventive in their own and their family’s healthcare. At “Your
Health Matters,”
we believe An ounce of prevention is worth it’s weight in
where your family is concerned.

What are the risk factors for cardio-vascular disease?
Diabetes, a smoking history, high blood pressure, being overweight,
approaching the age of 40 and greater, high cholesterol and an inactive
lifestyle. In addition, individuals who may not have the above risk factors but
have family members who do, may also be at risk.</span>

Who reads my tests?
A qualified medical doctor. Our physician is a board-certified cardiologist and
specializes in cardio-vascular diseases.

Who performs my tests?
Highly trained sonographers who are specialists in cardiac, vascular and general
ultrasound. Each sonographer is registered with the American Registry of
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

When will I get my results?
Our physician will read the test. Within one week from your testing date, he
will provide a report that will be mailed to your home. We encourage you (it is
your responsibility) to share these test results with your family physician, If
you do not have a family physician, “Your Health Matters” can recommend a
physician for you, at your request.

Why get my screening done with
“Your Health Matters?”

* We are a Dayton area based company. Each member of our organization has
personal ties to the community.
* We provide the highest quality screening services.
* We are an educational resource for you and your family.
* We are available to consult with your physician about your test results.
* We are available to speak to your organization about cardio-vascular health.

What are your methods of payment?
We accept cash or personal checks.



” | 

Greenline Pharmacy: Quality drugs online –

Our Mission

Canadian Drugstore was established in 2003 and since that time hassatisfied the needs of thousands of clients. We are fully licensedpharmacy whose main goal is to provide quality healthcare productsonline.

Our clientele consists of more then 40% of American citizens, alongwith millions of others worldwide, who do not have health insuranceor have only partial coverage and do not have an opportunity to ordermedications at land-based drugstores because of extremely highprices. Our pharmacy also caters to those costumers who are seeking ahigher level of privacy and product availability, which the Internetprovides. By joining us, you will be able to appreciate theconvenience of online ordering.

Our Products

Every product you purchase from us is either approved by the NationalMinistry of Health in each source country, equivalent to the USFDA,or in the case of our International generics, is manufactured in anFDA approved facility. Usually, we provide generic drugs because themanufacturers of these drugs are not required to duplicate theoriginal medical studies proving the safety and efficiency of theirchemical compounds. They can produce generic versions at much lowercosts, thus passing the savings on to the consumer. We are happy tobring you a huge selection of drugs at the lowest possible prices.You do no need any prior prescription; our store is open 24 hours aday, and our costumers are able to buy medications at any timeconvenient for them.

With most prescription medications you can save up to 70% compared toaverage US retail price. Our prices are much lower than those of mostUS pharmacies because we do not have to spend anything on marketing,and we do not pay taxes since the products comes to your countryunregistered. The manufacturers are located in offshore zones, andthey provide us with medications at very low price.

Our Shipping

We provide our costumers with fast, worldwide shipping. Your orderwill arrive at your doorstep within two to three weeks of when wereceive your completed order and valid prescription. CanadianDrugstore provides one of the fastest delivery times in the Canadianpharmacy mail order industry. We guarantee the delivery of yourproduct. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase fromCanadian Drugstore, simply return the product and we will refund you100% of its value, including the shipping cost.

Support &Privacy;

We have toll free US numbers, a US correspondence address, andoperators at hand to help costumers place orders or check up on anexisting order.

Weare obliged to observe the complete privacy of our costumers, whichis ensured by means of a secure transaction sever.

We provide our costumers with a friendly, quality support service andalways try to minimize the response time for any inquires.

You may contact our Costumer Support Service any time you want viae-mail or by phone.

Weappreciate our costumers, and to show this, we have developed aflexible discount and bonus system. All returning costumers receiveup to a 10% discount on all orders, free shipping, etc. We try to doour best to satisfy any, even the most refined, desires of ourclients.

Our pharmacists

At Canadian Drugstore the quality and safety of our medications are two of the most important commitments we make to our patients. Our fully licensed professional Pharmacists are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality care, sincere interest in and empathy for the health of patients. Your health and wellness is the main focus of our Pharmacy team, the highest level of care and attention is taken to ensure your safety and well being.

Our Pharmacy

Canadian Drugstore has had the trust of its customers since 2003. We are proud of our 6 years of helping people lead more healthy lives. We will always use the highest quality medications in our online pharmacy for your safety.

Most stringent quality control standards are maintained during production. All products are assembled and packed in specially designed packing. We maintain a strict quality control throughout from manufacturing to packaging. The quality control personnel are specifically trained and are approved by FDA. You can trust Canadian Drugstore to be your online pharmacy.

We are happy to bring you a huge selection of drugs at the lowest possible prices. You do not need any prior prescription; our store is open 24 hours a day, and our consumers are able to buy medications at any time convenient for them.

Our Support Team

We have toll free US numbers, a US correspondence address, and operators at hand to help consumers place orders or check up on an existing order. We are obliged to observe the complete privacy of our consumers, which is ensured by means of a secure transaction sever.

We provide our costumers with a friendly, quality support service and always try to minimize the response time for any inquires. You may contact our Customer Support Service any time you want via e-mail or by phone.

We appreciate our consumers, and to show this, we have developed a flexible discount and bonus system. All returning costumers receive up to a 15% discount on all orders, free shipping, etc. We try to do our best to satisfy any, even the most refined, desires of our clients.

Depression Clinic » 2008 » May

Occupational therapy often abbreviated “. Occupational Therapy is a health profession that helps people of all ages lead a more productive, satisfying and independent life. Today, Occupational Therapy has increased greatly to meet new social needs as well. These invlove the growth of the aging population, a large increase in the number of premature infants, the rising occurrence of chronic health problems, and the growing awareness of the connection between lifestyle, occupation, and long-term wellness. Occupational Therapy may include adaptation of task or environment to perform maximum independence and to augment the quality of life.

The role of an Occupational Therapist is immensely varied. The Occupational Therapist assists people to gain the skills and confidence to complete activities and tasks that are meaningful and useful to the person. Occupational Therapists work with people who have physical, mental and/or social problems, either from birth, as the result of an accident, illness or ageing and are realize of the impact that change in circumstances can have on individuals’ independence and confidence. ” has played a noticeable role in epidemics, providing treatment for patients with tuberculosis, polio, and HIV/AIDS.

Anxiety is commonly a part establish within many new psychological disorders as easily. Anxiety attacks, too called terror attacks. The almost popular psychological disorder which presents with anxiety is depression. Anxiety disorders can go many forms. Anxiety which causes voluntary alienation or passionate withdrawal. Anxiety which interferes with natural activities like going away or interacting with new folk. Symptoms of an anxiety blast include shortness of breather, palpitations or pounding eye, chest pain or soreness, trembling or shaking, trembling or shaking, vertigo, sickness or abdomen distress, concern of losing command and warm or cool flashes.

Treatment for generalized anxiety disorder is assorted and a number of approaches work equally well. Medications for panic disorder are frequently used to manage the symptoms of panic attacks. Medications have a common compound of ingredients. A lot of them contain particular serotonin reuptake inhibitors or Benzodiazepines. Anxiety medication, particularly antidepressants, can be very benefits in treating anxiety disorders. Antidepressants and anxiolytics are often used to relief symptoms of anxiety so that other therapy can go forward. Sometimes antidepressants or anxiolytics (antianxiety medications) are prescribed to relieve severe symptoms.

Effective for much of people, drug can be a short-term or long-term option of treatment. Benzodiazepines are psychoactive drugs for various influences of Para-psychical. They act as tranquillizing minor and causes the nervous system of the body to slow down, for those which are weak and remain sensitive to many things, and help them to slacken. These drugs of disorder of concern can also sometimes be very causing a dependence, thus they should be only taken once prescribed by a doctor. The inhibitors of oxydase of monoamine, are also very powerful drugs of antidepressant should be the last option that a person wants to go for.

Most medications used to treat panic attacks must for one year to continue or longer and be able over some weeks then gradually to be reduced. Fear disturbance medication is only the first step to improve to the health from those to which are betruebt with fear disturbance. Doctors can ratenen and also suggest other relaxation techniques in addition. The time length for treatment can be as much as one year or sometimes much longer dependent on the specific reaction of the person to the medications and the difficulty of its fear disturbance.

HLS Construction – About Us

As a licensed general contractor in the state of Maryland HLS Construction, Inc. is a certified SDVOSB under Veteran Affairs guidelines. We focus on providing design-build and design-bid-build construction services to federal agencies throughout the Northeast including, Maryland, Washington Dc, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Our commitment to customer service oriented construction services has allowed us to grow to over $10 Million in annual revenues over the past year by providing construction services to our numerous federal clients To ensure the successful completion of our construction projects, HLS typically self-performs 30-50% of its prime contracts. In addition, we work diligently to recruit construction professionals with strong past performance, a wide variety of skills sets, and values that align with our corporate ethics and operating principles. Doing so, has allowed us to retain the experienced construction management staff and skilled design program managers to provide timely, quality, and budget-oriented construction services that grantee the successful delivery of low-bid, negotiated, and design/build projects for federal agencies.

Our staff is experienced in projects ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to in excess of $3 Million and range in scope from small to large scale Design Build Renovations.HLS’s contracting personnel have the necessary experience to construct new construction, tenant improvements, and remodels of public, commercial, and industrial buildings ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to $5 Million.

Overall, it is HLS’s focus to deliver customer-service driven construction services that are focused on quality, timely delivery, and maximizing the expectations of each construction budget. This not only means finding alternate cost-effective materials that adhere to the plans and specifications, but also minimizing the impact of potential change order claims and identifying value engineering opportunities that save the government money and improve on the project’s ability to meet the mission goals of this great nation.