Women health considered overall efficient and healthy function of the body. Amongst all, women health admitted vigor to be maintained. Since, women need to face enormous up and down twist and turns in the life. However, in this growing age of group and changing world women found highly concerned about their health. You can notice women come up with various health grievances and appears to be weak due to natural or personal reasons. Women’s health accounted overall health condition from top to bottom comprising the phase of menstruation, maternity condition, contraception, menopause, breast cancer, pregnancy and child birth, etc. Women’s health considered a hurdle, which has been accounted up by many feminists, especially where reproductive health is involved. Women’s health is placed a biggest concerned as comparing with man to face a future deed and indeed. Well, there are many factors that affect puberty age group and women. These factors mostly found enhancing in today’s generation, which indirectly impact on one’s health outcomes with several disorders and organ failure. Some of the wide accounted factor involves.
Alcohol has been accounted most widely affected drug around the world around 60% human being have been found addicted to alcohol varies as per the countries rate and found increasing day by day. Alcohol has a wide negative impact on health of male and female both. Drinking over amount of alcohol may lead you face:-
Liver failure
Kidney failure
Motionless organs
Lack of appetite
Improper digestive system
Failure of brain function
Unhealthy immune system
Difficult in conceiving for women in future
Drop down the longevity of the organs and weakens its function

Unhealthy diet
Of course the diet admitted one of the wide factors to maintain optimum health. Your diet need to be rich in overall nutritional level minerals and vitamins. Comparing to male female need to uphold good amount of diet; since, they need to go through several complicated stage in the life. Women are the one to face several and severe difficulties throughout the life. Hence their intake level has to be optimum.
Crash dieting and undernourishment
Weak immune system
Unhealthy function of the organs
Inefficient digestive system
Unhealthy skin

Smoking accounted one of the highest causing deaths in the world. It has been admitted a factor to damage over all organ of the body. Cigarettes comprises tobacco along with it comprises nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic & DDT. Puffing it daily found detrimental for the health. People with chain smoking results fall down in the longevity of the organs and painful death. A woman with smoking may face
Lung, throat and mouth cancer;
Outcomes with asthma attack, diabetes, heart disorders, etc.
Breakdown the function of the lungs and cause lung cancer in wide range
Leads to damaged the cells
Heart attack, stroke, infertility
Sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction, low libido level, bareness, etc.
Breakdown of kidney and liver function is another complication that a female may face due to smoking.
Solution: – one can take anti-smoking called generic zyban
Breast cancer
In women amongst all breast cancer accounted at higher risk. The breasts are finished up of fat, connective tissue & enormous number of tiny glands known as lobules, which fabricates milk. When women get pregnant and when the baby get delivered out the milk automatically get run to the nipple from tiny tubes termed as ducts, which makes the women feed baby.
As we know that a human body got finished up of billions of tiny cells that habitually breed & proliferate in an orderly way. However, new cells are only formed when they’re exactly required. In cancer patient, this tidy process goes erroneous & cells initiate to develop & multiply hysterically.
Well, the exact fact about breast cancer is unknown, but it is 99% found treatable and curable, if diagnosed early stage.
* A formation of lump or the concerned area get thickened
* Appearance of breast in engorged form than the normal
* Sometimes pain and sometimes appears to be painless.
* Change in the shape and size of the breast
* expulsion from the nipples
* a bump or puffiness take place either of your armpits
* appearance of dimpling on the skin of the breasts
* appearance of pimples on or around the nipple
Solution: – one can go under surgical process and medication called FEMERA
Osteoporosis admitted another leading bone disorder in women. It affects widely women after menopause. Osteoporosis defines as bones with brittle, fragile, tissue loss, hormonal imbalances, dearth of calcium or vitamin D, etc. It exactly defines fall in the density, volume and strength of the bones. It mainly causes due to deficiency of calcium in the body. Osteoporosis found highly affected in women than in men. It hits women; since, they get the calcium deficiency when they give birth to the baby.
Less flexibility in bones
Feeble and easily fractural
Density loss
Fall in the strength and volume of the bones
Solution: – one can go under medication of calcium and vitamin D
Cervical cancer
Cervical cancer accounted another highly effected cancer in women. This cancer exactly causes by several forms of virus known as human papillomaviruses. HPV is measured spreading mostly through sexual intercourse. Women with healthy immune system can sometimes get fight with this infection and one with unhealthy immune system may fail to hit by this infection. Whose persistent existence leads to develop cervical cancerous risk for the person? Women with smoking have got many children, over and enduring exertion of birth control pills, HIV infection, etc.

Endometrial cancer
Endometrial cancer is accounted secondary leading cancers found in the world. Well, the exact causes of endometrial cancer found to be anonymous, which leads to enhance the level of estrogen emerge to act. Estrogen aids motivate the upsurge of the uterus coating.

Ovarian cancer
After Endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer have been measured highly affecting in women. This type of cancer generally affects women above the age of 50 but also found affected in younger women as well. It has been measured causing higher death in female reproductive system.

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