Microsoft launches official pre-e3 hype machine

In a year where Nintendo is revealing a new console, I find it hard to get pumped for the other two significant press conferences taking place at E3. Some new games will be there, maybe some familiar celebrity faces, but nothing nearly as satisfying as the reveal the brand new hardware that will become the center of gaming in only a matter of time. Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and get the hype going (Sony, this is a hint).

Various reporters in the industry today received their official invitation to Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference, not only bringing what I can only assume is an unrivaled joy, but also a handful of helpful indicators at what one might see on June 6th.

The image goes for a few blatant draws, not even trying to mask the presence of certain top prospects headed to the show this year. Portal 2 will be involved in some vain, the new Lara Croft game is sure to turn heads, Batman Arkham City will get another chance to astonish, Star Wars will scroll into our hearts, Marcus Fenix will remind you of his massive neck muscles, and yes, Halo might make an appearance.

More interesting are the subtle picture cues aligning the top portion of the invitation. A lightning bolt? Just because I love making tremendous stretches hinting towards awful sequels, could this be an allusion to Zeus and a hint at the next Too Human? One can only hope the answer is no. As for the rest, including nunchuks, a sideways plane, a car, and even an axe are all up to your speculation.

On a side note, what kind of cheap, Master Sword knock-off is that over there in the corner?





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