Top 3 muscle building strategies for men


Start reading food labels! Nutrition is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of muscle building for men. You spend a limited amount of time in the gym and the rest of your time letting your muscles relax, and ensuring you’re on the proper diet will ensure that that happens. Remember, nutrition is NOT only important when you want to lose fat! It’s also incredibly necessary for building muscle, too.

Spend a few days eating normally, and keep track of the calories that you’re eating. After your trial period, add 500 calories to that number and start eating that every day. You should also be eating about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. Again, MAKE SURE you are getting the proper protein intake! This is one of the most important nutrients you should be taking in when trying to build muscle.


More is not always better. Instead of doing 500 sets of 600 reps of 700 pounds, start cutting down. Also, don’t work out every day if you are just starting out. Try working out every three days, and do these basic exercises: squat, bench, deadlift, rows and press. You want to make sure that your technique is correct, as doing one of these workouts wrong could get you hurt. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube and other sites that will show you the proper form.

Start your first week on Monday, do your “A” day- squat, deadlift, bench. On Wednesday, do your “B” day- squat, press, rows. On Friday, do “A” again, then on the following Monday, do “B”. Start with whatever weight is comfortable, and then add 5lbs to your workout on each day. Work on abs after these main exercises, doing pull-ups while holding your legs straight in front of you.


It is essential that your body gets proper rest, so get a full night’s sleep every night. Every person is different, so a full night’s sleep may not be the same for you as it is for your buddy. To calculate how much sleep you need, go to bed a half hour earlier each night until you find yourself consistently waking up before your alarm.

Once you find the perfect amount of hours that you need, stick to that sleep schedule. This aspect of muscle building for men is even more overlooked than eating properly, so if you remember how important rest is, you’ll be one step closer to the body that you really want.


So, to recap, you’re doing the proper workout, eating the proper food, and getting the proper amount of rest each night. If you follow these excellent muscle building for men tips, you should find yourself gaining muscle mass in no time, impressing your wife, girlfriend, or girlfriend-to-be. Just remember to eat lots of protein, don’t work out too hard, and get a full night’s sleep each night. Most of all, though, have fun!

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