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At this point you’re probably thinking what in the world have I clicked on, was it a mistake perhaps. Perhaps, but a mist@ke with a purpose.

So what’s a Mist@ke?

mis·take, [mi-steyk], mist@ke

1.  an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

2.  a misunderstanding or misconception.

Ok, now that I’ve clarified something you already knew, here’s something you didn’t.

What’s this site about?

Deep breath….This site is about everything and nothing, about something that happens to us all on a daily basis and yet on a trivial level goes mostly unnoticed, it’s about the tiniest mishap verging on the greatest disappointment, it’s about what’s shaped history since the beginning of time and is “quoted” as deemed to repeat itself,  I give you the….. “Mist@ke!”

Think about it, what’s the one thing that’s accompanied you since the day you breathed your first breath of air?  What single thing has played the greatest role in shaping you into the person you are today?  Now you may come up with a completely different answer than what I’m steering you towards and that’s ok because you’re about to prove a point.

Admitting that we make errors goes against human nature.

Taking responsibility for our actions is not an enate trait.  Humans were enginerred to survive and in order to sustain ourselves/egos, we’ve been subconsciously taught to supress our failures, our Mist@kes.

However…..I am issuing a wake up call!

It’s time to admit our [email protected]!  It’s time to celebrate our failures!  It is time to acknowledge they we as human beings are not perfect, that we do in fact make [email protected] and that not only are we not ashamed of them, but rather that we are proud of them.  Not necessarily out of their nature, but out of their lessons no matter how great or how small.  These lessons, that have become the fabric of people, society and the world as we carry ourselves into a future of betterment and enlightenment.

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