Add dancing
flames and the warmth of well being, richness, and aroma to your surroundings
with our intensely scented handmade products. At Scentual Essence, you can
choose a variety of candles and bath & body essentials.

scented Candles

We use
more fragrance oil than most other candle crafters because of the unsurpassed
fragrance throughout the burning life of the candle. For example, the candles
are made of soft wax specially made for burning in containers. Our recipe
contains a special blend of wax and additives that sets us apart from the
rest for the fact that all the wax melts completely down, leaving little or
no wasted wax.

candle makers use a pre-blended wax. When a pre-blended wax is used the maximum
amount of fragrance oil that can be added is ½oz to 1oz (3%-6%). Some
candle makers claim their candles are triple scented by using 1.5oz of fragrance
oil per pound of wax.

This outdated
triple scented notion was the standard when the amount of oil used was 1/2oz
per pound of wax. Our blend allows us to add the highest fragrance concentration
TWO-OZ of pure undiluted fragrance oil (13%) per pound of wax, which truly
makes our candles triple scented.


All of
our products are tested for safety. We do not use lead core wicks, nor do
any of our products contain any harmful dyes or fragrances. Each oil used
in our candles is tested to provide the perfect combination of overall fragrance,
compatibility with wax and maximum scent throw. An example of scent throw
when you burn one of our candles is that the scent carries in the room where
the candle is lit and beyond!


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