10 great podcasts on bladder cancer – actos bladder cancer help

Bladder cancer is the fifth most diagnosed of all types of cancer, ranking fourth among men and eighth among women.? A diagnosis of bladder cancer can be scary, and youll likely have a new question every single day after you or a loved one is diagnosed.? Your doctor can answer most questions, but staying informed is much easier today thanks to the internet.? There are a number of podcasts designed to help spread the word about bladder cancer.? Some feature basic overviews on the subject, some focus on delivering the newest news reports on the topic, and some do both.? Wading through the plethora of podcasts can be tricky, however, but this list of the ten best podcasts on bladder cancer will make learning easier.

  • University of Maryland Medical Center ?This brief podcast explains the basics of bladder cancer and can help shed some light on the subject.
  • MedWorm Podcasts? The MedWorm site is filled with informative podcasts, and these focus on bladder cancer including info on clinical trials, treatments, and much more.
  • CancerCare Bladder Cancer Podcasts? These podcasts from CancerCare cover all aspects of bladder cancer, from the treatments to coping with fears or loss of income.? Its one of the most comprehensive collections on the subject.
  • MUSC Health Podcasts? The podcast library at the Medical University of South Carolina is filled with informative podcasts about bladder cancer, including its symptoms, treatment, and more.
  • FDA Drug Safety Podcasts? This surprising podcast from the Food and Drug Administration talks about the dangers of certain drugs and examines their link to bladder cancer.
  • My Bladder Cancer Journey? Blog posts and podcasts from a patient diagnosed with bladder cancer, detailing the basics of the disease and life while fighting it.
  • Mayo Clinic Bladder Cancer Podcasts? The world famous Mayo Clinic hosts a number of different podcasts, including these that focus on bladder cancer.? The podcasts discuss risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, and much more.
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center Podcasts? These podcasts are provided by the MD Anderson Cancer Center and discuss the newest breakthroughs in the treatment of this dangerous disease.
  • University of Maryland? The Marlene and Stewart Greenbaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland also has numerous podcasts related to bladder cancer, including a good overview of the various aspects involved in its development and its treatment.
  • UroToday Podcasts? The UroToday urology website is focused on delivering regular content, and has sections on a number of urology related conditions including bladder cancer.

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