A List of Slogans and More …. “Today offers the opportunities we dreamt of yesterday.” Many people in recovery can reflect on such affirmative statements with the assurance of time in recovery.  For many others the miracle is that each day they begin the path of recovery, that seemingly insurmountable first day sober.  The […]

Methods to Treat Depression

Tricyclic Antidepressants TCAs are one of the oldest of antidepressants and still prescribed widely. Before the introduction of selective serotonon reuptake, TCAs were the standard treatment for depression. They are effective and have the advantage of extensive experience accumulated over several decaded of use. Within the brain, there are many naturally occuring chemical messengers called […]

Drug Side Effects | Knee Revision Surgery

Knee Revision Surgery Knee revision surgery is a procedure that some knee replacement patients have to undergo. If a patient’s knee replacement device fails or begins to cause them serious problems, they will often need to undergo knee replacement surgery. This surgery is not unlike the original knee replacement surgery. It is a serious surgical […]

Discount Canadian Prescriptions from Canadian Pharmacy

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Normal Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorder

While no one wants to feel anxious, there is actually a biological benefit to anxiety. When we feel threatened or sense danger, our brains create anxiety as a way of telling us to avoid “a potentially harmful situation. Normal, healthy anxiety occurs after a stressful situation but should go away after the danger has subsided. […]

Depression Clinic » Depression and Mood Swings

Depression and mood swings are a common infirmity for those with Borderline Personality Disorder. Major depression is identified by one or more major depressive episodes, which are defined as experiencing two or more weeks of (1) depressed mood and/or (2) loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities. Mood swings are differentiated by periods, generally […]

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What is HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA) and it covers a broad range of subjects, including the most recent Electronic Code Sets and Transactions regulations and the Privacy Rule. The deadline for complying with the Code Sets regulations was October 16, 2002, unless you filed an extension request, in which […]

Most Potent Herbal Formulations in the World MDHealthline 1st Class Herbal Alternatives to Prescription Medications Alternative Health Information and Studies

MDHealthline has a world renowned team of medical professionals, including physicians, surgeons, chemists, and other health professionals. They design each product that MDHealthline manufactures. All products used include top quality ingredients, and all products are unconditionally guaranteed for 20 days. These are potent formulations that work amazingly., Libido, cholesterol, sleep, stress, Human Growth Hormone, diet, […]

Depression Clinic » Addiction Information

“ Addiction is often considered a moral failing by the general public, but it is considered a disease by the medical establishment. The main overriding symptom of an addiction is loss of control. Popular conceptions of addiction do not stop at drugs and alcohol. People can become overly attached to gambling, chocolate, computer games – […]