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We’ll take a look at the most commonly effective ones here as there are many options when seeking ” treatment.

* To avoid or minimize constipation, eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of water. Constipation causes strain on your bowel muscles, which will make hemroids worse.

* There are foods that tend to worsen hemroid symptoms, the most common being nuts, coffee, all alcohols and spicy foods. If you notice another type of food making your hemroids worse, try abstaining for a few days and see if there is a positive effect.

To get complete comfort, spend ten minutes placing ice on the affected spot and then the next 20 minutes, covering the area with a damp, warm cloth.

You don’t want to irritate the area after a bowel movement with repeated rubs of coarse toilet paper but instead gently dab the area with antiseptic wipes that are unscented.

Keep active instead of remaining stationary in one spot,

In bad flared up piles, bed rest helps by taking away the pressure from the sphincter muscle and allowing the hemroids to subdue.

Some get relief by taking sitz bath several times a day ,for that soak the affected area in warm water for about 15 minutes..

Start using bodywashes that have a larger amount of natural ingredients instead of ones filled with a lot of coloring or fragrance agents.

Since sweating can aggravate hemroid symptoms, you should wear cotton undergarments to help your skin stay dry.

* Zinc is a skin protectant found in baby diaper rash cream that can be applied to both protect the delicate anal skin and to prevent itching.

* Suppositories like Tucks and Preparation H are a ” to be used with serious caution since they can damage the anal area if you use it a long time, and they should not be used over 7 to 10 days.

* You will easily get the hydrocortisone creams which are used as anti-inflamitories and could help both inflammation and itching at the same time. Your doctor can prescribe a higher concentration if the over the counter strengths don’t provide relief.

* You can find numbing sprays at drugstores to make it hurt less.

Sometimes these methods help but are not totally effective for everyone who tries them. There are still noticeable number of patients who suffer itching, burning, bleeding and pain of ” after trying the primitive way of treatments. Even though the above mentioned treatment would cover up the symptoms for it or relieve it temporarily, you may often find out the hemroids to come back again. Rather then masking the symptoms, a true hemroid treatment is available.You must to ask a medical expert before beginning any hemroid treatment.

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