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Depression is a state of mind which is characterized by a negative sense of inadequacy and a visual lack of activity. It is a mental state in which the effecting person experiences sad feelings of gloom and downturn in mood, which may be relatively transitory and may be due to something complex. ” is common in old age people which are very injurious to their health. Many patients of depression also suffer from weight loss or gain and frequent thought of death and suicidal attempt are very common. A depressive episode may be completely unrelated to a stressful event. Depressive disorders make one feel exhausted, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. There’s some cognitive distortion with depression too  people misperceive themselves as having fewer choices, and being more narrowly restricted than they really are.

The symptoms of depression include dissatisfaction, anxiety, changes in appetite, commotion of sleep, loss of interest, energy, feelings of guilt, difficulty in concentration, etc. Commonly people go into depression due to a traumatic situation or a sudden shock. The person always tries to isolate himself and keeps thinking all the time. Most people with depression can be helped with counseling, provided by a professional psychologist, and some are helped with counseling and medicine. Medicine is used to treat depression that is austere or disabling. With treatment, most depressed people start to feel good in just a many weeks. Therapy can be a very effective tool in “. A healthful diet is an essential part of managing depression. It is composed of foods that provide a variety of nutrients, containing vitamins and minerals. Avoiding illegal drugs and alcohol are also helpful this condition.

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