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Depressive disease is a medical disease that affects feelings, thoughts, behaviour, physical health, interpersonal relationship, job performance, sex life and other behaviour patterns of the affected person day after day. Depressive disease is not just “feeling of hopelessness”. It is more than being sad or feeling grieved about a loss.
Depressive disease is universal and has […]

Depression results from an imbalance in the chemical messengers in the brain which the nerve cells use to communicate with each other. Depression is associated with low levels of two of teh chemical messengers, serotonin and noradrenalin.
For some people, low mood is a response to shortening day length. In seasonal affective disorder, depression starts in […]

Suicide is a latin word ‘Sui’ means self and ‘cide’ means to kill. The term suicide is used to describe any deliberate act of self-harm which results in death. By contrast attempted suicide includes any deliberate act of self-harm which does not result in death.
Attempted suicide includes two categories of act (a) deliberate self-poisoning (or […]

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