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Addiction is often considered a moral failing by the general public, but it is considered a disease by the medical establishment. The main overriding symptom of an addiction is loss of control. Popular conceptions of addiction do not stop at drugs and alcohol. People can become overly attached to gambling, chocolate, computer games – even using the internet. Life-long monitoring is necessary, yet with appropriate identification, “, and self-care, an addict can live a productive substance-free life. There is evidence that heredity plays an important part in increasing the likelihood of an individual developing an addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Depression and other withdrawal symptoms result when an addict stops using their substance of choice or engaging in their “. Many smokers may be addicted to nicotine but are able to quit if they have a strong enough desire. Methadone is the most successful drug used to treat addiction. Methadone has a similar effect to heroin on the brain, but the effect lasts much longer. Being addicted does not mean that you cannot stop – only that it is likely to be difficult. Anyone can succeed if he or she goes about it in the right way. As with other addictions, it is difficult to give up smoking, and without help most smokers fail despite trying many times.

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